Die Kolonnen aus Übersee

30. Oktober 2018

Zum Verzicht von Frau Dr. Merkel auf den Parteivorsitz der CSU kommentierte heute Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, daß Washington seine deutsche "Puppe" verliere. Auf diesem Kommentar habe ich mir erlaubt, Herrn Dr. Roberts die folgende Antwort zu geben:


Dear and honourable Dr. Roberts,
thanks for your comment about the Sputnik Interview of Dr. Malte Kaufmann, but I don't agree with your comment, that "Washington is loosing its german puppet". In my experience as a former member of the Alternative für Deutschland party -AfD- and as a observer of German politics there is no party in Germany without any submarine agent of the BND-CIA-association.
These stealth forces are influencing party decisions at every level and are able to damage it if necessary. Some of these silent agents surely didn't know about her mission, but in any case they are bought and the effect on the decision making of both party and public is important.
The interests of our parliament's powerful lobby and the influential industrial and transatlantic sponsorhip background on german politicians doesn't coincide with the willing of german people.
All in all German politics are almost totaly influenced by the anglo-american establishment's silent agents. That's why, after Angela Merkel there will be just another transatlantic disciple to follow the rules of the emerging new world order.
And if it should happen that a noncommitted politician comes on the power, his time will be limited by some newly revealed scandals, sexual affairs or just an lethal accident either by car or by parachute.....
Best regards and nevertheless thank you very much for your outstanding voice of free speech!
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Mayr